On May 13, 2022, Inserm Transfert announced the signature of a license agreement with Novartis for the work resulting from the research of Prof. Guillaume Canaud’s team at the Institut Necker – Enfants Malade (INEM), of which Inserm is one of the supervisors.

This research aims to reposition Alpelisib for CLOVES (Congenital Lipomatous Overgrowth, Vascular Malformation, Epidermal Nevi) syndrome. It is intended in particular to relieve and treat young children suffering from severe forms of this disease. This announcement follows the marketing authorization of Alpelisib granted by the FDA in mid-April following clinical trials conducted at the Necker Hospital.

Inserm Transfert press release 👉🏽 https://www.inserm-transfert.fr/storage/2022/05/CP-Syndrome-Cloves-Pr-Canaud_Inserm-Transfert_vf.pdf (in French)